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05/31/2012 Traffik Buster Cracked Latest Version 3.2.1 Released

1. Improved Account Creation: Traffik Buster now has being improved to not create a new account if the captcha fails instead
now it just resets the password and send the captcha over. This will improve the speed when sending captchas to your captcha
service or Captcha Sniper if you are using Capcha Sniper.

2. Improved Profile Build: Traffik Buster will build the profile of each account faster

3: Profile Picture Fixed: Twitter changed the way that pictures are we have already made Traffik Buster works with
the new change.

4. Other Bug Fixes

Traffik Buster Crack now works with Captcha Sniper New Version v7.77 due to a loophole that I found. Please watch the video of how to make it work here.

NOTES: I will be out of the online arena for about one month due to a Family Travel Please read more about this in the forum

Looks like twitter is doing some extra changes like sometimes they ask for interests while creating accounts I think that since
they managed to reduce the amount of spam they are working now on gathering more information about their users to launch some type
of twitter ads in the future (again I am just guessing here) right now that change shows at random not all the time just like they did when
the new design came out. I already built something up in the code to bypass that. Once they implement it consistently I will code the
tool to make it fill out all those things o make the accounts look more legit.

05/27/2012 3.2.0 Released

1. User Agents Change- Traffik Buster now utilizes random user agents from a pool of 121 different User Agents

2. Small Code Improvements to reduce CPU Consumption

3. Other Bug Fixes
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Traffik Buster Cracked V 3.1.9 Latest Version

Traffik Buster 3.1.9 Released
05/20/2012 3.1.9 Released

1. Improved Proxy Checker - Proxy checker now clear old proxy tests before saving the new Good/Bad Proxies txt files.

2. New Tweets Interval- Now users can set the amount of seconds between tweets. The higher the tweets interval the longer
that the accounts last. Usually 10-20 seconds is enough but feel free to set at your own amount of seconds and run your own testings.

3. New Countries added on Trends Buster. Dominican Republic, Guatemala & Pakistan are now in the available in the Country selection.

4. Added other 10 Threads. Now Traffik Buster can run up to 50 threads in one instance.

5. Other Bug Fixes

Traffik Buster Cracked V 3.1.1

Traffik Buster is a powerful piece of software that uses the power of social media to drive thousands of visitors to your sites, landing pages and offers. We have developed into this software 3 ways to drive insane amounts of traffic:

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  • Trends Buster: This is by far the most powerful Module of Traffik Buster. Using the power of trends the software send thousands of messages with current trends of them placing your message and urls in front of millions of people talking about this trends. Trends Buster also has the ability to target trends based on Country
  • Hashtags Buster - Utilizing the power of Hashtags TraffiK Buster allows you to place you message in front of millions of people. This is an insaine way to gain exposure to your brand and drive massive traffic to your sites!
  • Traffik Buster Is An Automated Tool Built To Generate Traffic To Your Websites/Blogs/Landing Pages/Squeeze Pages/Twitter Apps/FaceBook Apps & Fan Pages/Referral Links/Aff Links/Youtube Videos Or Any Other Type Of Link/Msg You Want To Drive Traffic To.
  • Traffik Buster Now Gives You The Option To Use Four Threads Or If You Have A Stronger System You Can open more Instances and Run even more Threads This Will Drastically Change The Amount Of Traffic. But Even In The Development Stages One Instance Generated Over 1k Unique Hits Per Hour. You Also Have The Option To Send Traffic To Multiple URL's In Your Campaign
  • Our Misson Is To Bring Our Customers One Software That Will Drive Automated Traffic From A Number Of Sources. We Will Continue To Add More & More Modules To TRAFFIK BUSTER, Helping You Drive Traffic From Some Of The Best Traffic Sources On The Net. We Encourage Our Customers To Give Us Idea's, So We Can Keep TRAFFIK BUSTER Ahead Of The Game.
  • Traffik Buster can now control your HMA VPN Console! making sure Traffik Buster keeps running even when there is a temp ban on your ip! Simple & easy to setup!
  • We Will Continue To Update Traffik Buster, Adding More Traffic Sources As We Find Them. All Customers Get These Updates 100% FREE And Automated. The Software Checks For Updates Every Time It's Turned On
  • An Account With One Of The Following - Deathbycaptcha, Bypasscaptcha & Decaptcha is necessary to run. Traffik Buster Will NOT Work Without an Account From One Of These Captcha Services.
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