Monday, 4 June 2012

PR Powershot Crack Version 3

PR Powershot Crack Version 3

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Version 3.0 is Faster, Better, Web based, Mobile ready. This will add massively to your marketing.
All Current Customers receive ALL Updates for Free. Forever!

The latest update (31st may 2012) is TOTALLY WEB BASED -
And incredibly fast.
Access on any device and start buying High page ranked domains now.

The system is simple. It goes @ and hecks the currently available expired and listed domains with the “buy now” option.

You determine the extensions (.com, .info, .org, .me, .co etc etc) and you set the page rank of the domains you want to find.

It delivers back the domains and PR score including listing the REAL AND FAKE page rank (that's right.. PR Powershot Crack checks for fake page rank!!)

You have a ONE CLICK buy link to grab the domain as soon as you see it.

Could you do the analysis by hand... one domain at a time?
Sure. but it would take about 3 minutes per domain...
And a PRPowerShot Owner... Would have done THOUSANDS in seconds + and already snapped up the High PR Domain that was available, that you missed by not having the right tools.

I have seen a PR 4 domain sell on Flippa for a whopping $500! Yes, for the domain ONLY - just because it was PR 4. And a PR 5 one, sold for $56,000. Wow! Now, these are exceptional results, we make no guarantees you will make any money from your domains, yet – you will probably generate some extra money with PR3 and PR4 domains – particularly if you buy them cheap and offer them as a $1,000 package; this is an idea, and nobody talks about it!!I mean, why sell just one domain for $200 or more, when you can sell a few in a pack? Bundles will leave you with more money in your pocket than individual sales, don’t you think?Buy 3 domains for $40 or less – and sell them for $1,000. How nice is that?

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