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Places Scout Crack Version 2.2.5

Places Scout Crack Version 2.2.5 Release Notes

Places Scout is a breakthrough, automated software tool that lets you dominate local SEO.

all-in-one solution that provides advanced tools for keyword research, lead generation and Leader tracking, business reputation monitoring & much more. It's simply amazing.

Places Scout Crack Features Overview - 4 Power User Modules


Supports Suggestions & Related Keyword Databases from Google, Yahoo & Bing
Local AdWords Keyword, Traffic & Cost Analysis

Exact Match Domain Availability Analysis
Advanced Long-Tail Keyword Generation With Custom Prefixes
Customizable Keyword/ Domain Filters
Easily Find Profitable Local Niches & Domains
Google Places Lead Generator    Track Rankings Over Time For UNLIMITED Keywords & Locations
Business Intelligence Data - Owner Name, Emails & More    Tracks ALL 4 Areas Of Google - Google Places, Organic 7-PacK Blended & Organic Results
Up To 47 Data Points For Each Business    Full Competitor Analysis For Each Result
Results Are Pin-Pointed On A Fully Featured Map    Deep Rank Tracking In UpTo Top 100 Results
Social Media Analysis Includes Facebook Fan Page Info    Ranking Data Is Color Coded For Easy Visual Analysis Of Results
Off Page SEO Analysis With Google PageRank & SEOMoz Data    Visualise Geo-Ranking Coverage Drawn On A Fully Featured Map
On Page Keyword Optimization Analysis    Ranking Graphs Display Rankings Over Time
Gather Up To The Top 100 Results Per Query    Easy HTML Client Reporting Feature
Customizable Data Filters   
Citation/Business Reputation Analysis   

Find Tons Of Potential Citation Sources To Leave Reviews On
Strength Of Citation Analytics With Citation Google PageRank & SEOMoz Metrics
Provides Competitor Citation Analysis

Business Reputation Management System
Avg. Business Rating Metrics Across All Citation Sources
Individual Citation Metrics (Reviews/Rating) For Each Citation Source
Avg. Strength Of All Citation Sources For Each Business

Total Reviews Across All Citation Sources
Super Power User Keyword Scraper
Know Exactly What Keywords To Target


  • Full parallel processing support provides blazing fast data gathering 
  • All data is exportable to multiple formats, including CSV, Excel, and HTML
  • Simplistic software user interface makes Places Scout easy to learn and use
  • Accuracy of data can be easily verified with links to actual SERPs for each query
  • Data visualization technology with fully featured integrated map views provide you with a visual geographic understanding of all the data gathered

  • Automatic Hassle-Free Updates 
  • Real-Time Data Gathering
  • Support for 14 Countries
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Excellent customer support with fast response times

Places Scout Crack now works properly with the new Google+ Local Pages!
All of the data should now be gathered correctly from the new Google+ Local Pages
The Find Local Clients and Citation Finder modules are back in proper working order.
The nomenclature for 'Places Page' will still remain the same until the next version - it will be changed to '+ Local Page'.

NEW Social Media Metrics in the Find Local Clients Module!
Facebook URL Clicks – The number of times people have clicked on the business' website URL on Facebook.
Pinterest Pins - The number of times people have 'pinned' the business' website URL on Pinterest.
NOTE: The Facebook Fan Page Is Claimed data item is no longer available for Facebook Places Pages as this is only available if logged into a facebook account
Numerous Bug Fixes for the Citation Finder
Fixed a bug calculating the rating of each citation source that also affected the average citation rating calculation – The citation rating is now correct as well as the calculation of the average citation rating.
Fixed a bug where loading XML grid data would sometimes take a very long time to complete. The data is loaded much faster now.
Fixed alot of other bugs parsing citations to ensure everything works properly.
Fixed a bug where if you choose to gather 110+ results in the Find Local Clients or Citation Finder section, and then went to the Settings tab, and error message would be shown. This error message does not occur anymore.
Fixed a bug where the maximum http connections would not match the value of the setting and always defaulted to 10.
Fixed a minor bug in the compare reports feature if result link changes from non-www to www so that it correctly calculates the proper changes.
Fixed parsing Facebook Fanpage likes, checkins, and people talking about for the new Facebook timeline style page
Fixed some minor bugs with status reporting
Fixed numerous other minor bugs

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